The External Display Problems with MacBook M1

Honestly, I couldn't wait to blog about this one. This is mostly for Ultrawide Monitors though. I am on an ultrawide - 49-inch monitor. Anyway, if you've googled and found this, it means all of a sudden, your mac decided to use a different...

1 minute read - 1 year ago

Installing composer packages locally

I think it is best I dive into this one with a use case. Let's say you working on a package locally that's yet to be published or better still won't be published on or will be hosted on a private server and you need to test th...

1 minute read - 1 year agoLaravelPHPWordpress

Fix Ubuntu Video Codecs Problem - the right way.

If you have installed Ubuntu or some other Ubuntu variants like Kubuntu, Lubuntu, etc, I think the first obvious problem you will notice is you can't play some audio or video files.It's obvious, there are some media codecs that are absent,...

1 minute read - 2 years agoUbuntu

Upgrade Composer to 2.x

The composer team just released version 2.0 of the popular package manager Composer. The following command should help upgrade to the latest version with ease. Check out the release notes -

1 minute read - 3 years agoPHP