👋 Hey you, the name is Ndifon Desmond Yong (Malico). I'm a 👨‍💻 Web/DevOps Engineer & 👨‍🏫 Student-teacher from Cameroon 🇨🇲

I am also Co-founder & Lead Developer of SchoolFAQs, Winner of the 2019 UBa Computer Science Association's Open Door Day Contest

Code Wise ⌨️, Most of the code I write lives and runs on the server or talks to other servers. I create some pretty cool things with PHP, Laravel, TypeScript, NodeJs, SQL & NoSQL DBs. I play a lot with servers, mostly on Digital Ocean, Heroku rarely AWS.

Do I open source? Hell Yeah. Most of what I push to the open-source world ends up as NPM/Composer Packages.

If I'm not coding, arguing about who's the best rapper alive with my guys. Yes. I listen to a lot of music. Here is a link to K'list (Klash's Playlist), a playlist of what I am vibing to at the moment 👉 Click Here

I guess I will end with I'm a nice human but 👿 nefarious when it concerns Checkers (Ask Viva). We should hang out sometime. Use any this 👇

Twitter: @yondifon or 📬 hi@malico.me