The Big Move!

The past 4 months have been pretty big for me because I had to move out of my residence (Bamenda) due Job & Security reasons. But get this, my new neighborhood is not in the same city, not even the same state. We are talking 440 km - 500 km distance away from home (Yabassi).

Aight. Man na Man nor. We go handlam.

I've known about this transfer for a long time, but as 'Malico', did I prep for such as move - NO, Did I purchase anything I'll need when I move into this new area - NO. You should know, it's my first time moving out of my parent's house, I have nothing no bed, no kitchen items. NOTHING

As usual, am the cybercafe when I get this call at 2:xx PM that I have this mandatory census which I have to complete at 9 am the next day. Hmmm, a move I needed more than 2 weeks to plan for now has to happen in less than 24 hours. I guess I skipped the planning part.

First thing, I check the accounts, they don't look bad. I rushed into the house, grab a few stuff, head over to the bus station, purchase a ticket for the last bus out Bamenda to Douala. It's a long drive, but we reach Douala by 3:xx am in the morning. At this point, I have to wait for the sun to rise because you can't be walking around Douala at 3:xx am in the morning (Except your old man na Jovi).

At around 5:4x am, I board a taxi for the bus station where I can get a car for the second part of the Journey (Douala to Yabassi). After a 4 hour drive, I reach my destination, rush out to work, take care of business.

I guess I came in at the right time, now I need to get a new place. I go house hunting, I get this amazing place but since I came empty I need to go shopping. I talk to a few people here and guess what I have to go back to Douala if I need to get new stuff for my place. Damn.

To be continued...

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