How do I start this? 🤔 maybe I should start with Why?.

So I've been trying o hard to build routines to structure my daily activities and decisions with one of those activities which I picked up being blogging/journaling. So this is just an attempt of me trying to be accountable for how I spent 8760 hours I had access to this year. I thought it will make sense to document what changed about me this year.

The State of Mind - Uncertainty

With that said, I spent the early days of this year uncertain about what I wanted to learn as concerns my career, people I wanted to hang out with. In fact, let's just say I was uncertain and unhappy about everything I did.

What changed? (Career)

All of that changed around May when I stumbled on Jordan B. Peterson's book, 12 Rules of life, which if I am being honest, pushed me through this year.

Anyway, before all this, I spent most of January and February pushing bits of code to ngano.org and schoolfaqs.net projects I have been involved in within 2020. Late February and March, I was just lazying around, learning a lot about cloud techs and DevOps engineering, till April when I got a job at emlogicx.com as CTO where I lead a massive project that involved me doing a lot of GraphQL and NuxtJs stuff. Fast forward to late May, when I left Emlogicx, I started researching a lot on building a self-employed business, honestly, I was tired of working for others. That lead me to freelance which I continue till sometime on June 17th.

Oh, I am being specific about dates here because I joined EscueladeMusica as a Backend engineer and haven't had time to freelance. I can't understate how huge this was for me, I got to work with Isern, Javi, senior engineers that have contributed to some popular open-source projects that power the internet.

Reading 📚

As I said, I've been trying to consume lots of material from books. I didn't surpass my goals but I did read the following books.

  1. 12 rules of life - Jordan B. Peterson
  2. Beyond Order - Jordan B. Peterson
  3. Hurricanes: A Memoir - Rick Ross
  4. Rich Dad Poor Dad - Robert Kiyosaki
  5. Think and Grow Rich - Napoleon Hill.

What about 22.

For starters, I will be joining EscueladeMusica as a full-time engineer. Will love to follow more rules from the 12 rules of life. I hope I get to learn more stuff.